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STACEY members save over €500 every month over a traditional studio apartment and gain friends for life.
Traditional Studio
Washer / Dryer:
Total Cost:

€320 of savings per month

STACEY offers you the best value for money in Hamburg. But remember:
For us it is not about the money, it is all about creating an international community of young professionals.
* STACEY prices are based on an all-inclusive Premium+ Suite..
** STACEY Co-Living suites are fully furnished with a value of more than €3,000.


We provide the beautiful spaces, our members make them home.

Housing designed for all your needs

Designing & operating beautiful shared apartments is what we love. But why do people like living at STACEY?

Private Apartment

Private Suite

Every member has his safe haven within the shared apartment. All private bedrooms are completely furnished and come with bedding.
Community Space

Common Spaces

The number one reason why people join STACEY are our generous community spaces. Featuring living rooms, work spaces & much more.

Built-in Community

STACEY's Community Manager organizes regular opportunities for members to get together over fun and unique experiences.
stocked kitchen

Move-in Ready

We stock your household with all the essentials. Never buy pots, pans, dishes, paper towels, and soap ever again.
included cleaning

Weekly Cleaning

Once a week, our professional team cleans your private suite, as well as all common spaces & bathrooms.
free internet

Included Internet

Our homes offer the best internet connection available at each location.

Transfers Possible

Our members have the possibility to transfer to a different location with preference over applicants from outside the STACEY network.

On-site Laundry

All homes come with free laundry and detergents. Included in your rent as well as everything else.
facility management

Repair Services

Our repair services team makes sure our apartments are in perfect shape, and answers all maintenance requests.


Living at STACEY means you’re always invited and never obligated
Easy move-in

Easy move-in day

Move-ins can take as few as 30 minutes thanks to keyless access and clear, thoughtful instructions from our Member Services team.

An open invitation

As a member, you have access to the entire STACEY community, whether you’re on the east coast, west coast, or anywhere in between.
Slack Community

Stay connected

Find out what’s happening in your home, or check in with members across the city. Our Slack Channels empowers members to engage and coordinate plans with each other.

Built for community

Every STACEY home has community spaces, perfect for a potluck meal, movie night, or book club with your neighbors.

what our members say...

Living at STACEY means you’re always invited and never obligated
« It is the special mix between collective spaces and privacy, which makes Co-Living such a unique living experience. I have never grown as a person as fast as during my time with the Co-Living community »
Fritz Meyer - STACEY Member