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Our FAQ tries to solve all of your questions about life at STACEY.  If you cannot find the missing information here, please send us a mail at

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What is Co-Living and who can apply?

Co-Living is the new way of shared living and at the intersection of shared- and studio apartments.
At STACEY you get the best of both worlds. Your own private suite + access to a big common space. Our private suites are fully furnished and equipped with all the essentials (towels, bedding, etc.). The common spaces include kitchen, dining and lounge areas to hang out and to meet your new cohabitants.

At STACEY everyone is welcome! Our average members are working professionals aged between 20 and 40 years and come from all paths of life.

What about the community? Who are your members?

Right now, STACEY is at the beginning of starting its journey in Germany. We opened our first 2 locations in Hamburg and are proud of our community of over 30 people from all around the world.

What are the monthly member events?

At STACEY we organize events for our members on a monthly basis. It can be an opening party of our new location or a in-house concert exclusively for our members. If you have a better idea, just contact us!

What services are included?

In addition to the accommodation, multiple services are included. Reaching from the weekly cleaning, furniture , heating and wifi to the registration fee (GEZ). We want our members to spend their time doing the things they love.
That is why you have one bill and everything is paid for!

How can I apply?

Please fill out our online form and schedule a video call with one of us. There we answer all your remaining questions and tell you about our current availabilities.  Apply here

How does the pricing work?

Our all-inclusive memberships are fully transparent. The prices start at €645 all-inclusive and might vary according to the duration of your stay. Moreover, we ask you for a 2-months security deposit, which we will reimburse once you moved out.

What’s included in my membership?

The following is included in your all-inclusive membership:

  • A fully-furnished room
  • Large and well-decorated common spaces
  • A tech-friendly environment: Smart-locks, Spotify, Sonos, Netflix, wifi
  • All utilities
  • Weekly cleaning of the common spaces
  • Monthly events
  • Coffee and water flatrate
  • GEZ fees

How to deal with the check in / check out?

Please, inform your Community Manager prior to the check in and the check out. In case of damages in the room, the amount for the reparation will be retained from your deposit.
 In case of damages in the common spaces, the amount for the reparation will be split between all people currently living in the house.

What is the Community Manager?

The Community Manager is responsible for maintaining the condition of private & common spaces, and is your point of contact for all issues.

Is there a minimum / maximum rental period?

The minimum length of a stay is 3 months. We do not have a maximum length of stay. If you want to extend your stay, please get in touch with your Community Manager.

Can I change between the different locations?

Yes, as long as there are availabilities at other locations. Moreover, you have the priority over people, who have not been in the STACEY network yet.

Can I change the furniture settings in my room?

You are not allowed to damage the wall or ceiling. But otherwise you can change the setting, as long as you give it back the way you found it.

Can I terminate my lease before the end-date?

Only in exceptional cases as we you signed a fixed-term rental agreement

Can I invite a friend to stay with me?

Yes, but please keep your cohabitants in mind. If you have more questions concerning overnight guidelines, please contact the Community Manager

How to deal with an unpleasantness during my stay?

Please contact the Community Manager

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Can we rent a suite as a couple at STACEY?

Yes. We allow couples in our Jumbo suites. Please specify during the application process.

Are pets allowed?


Do you offer private parking?

We don’t have private parkings for any of the houses.

Is there a curfew?

STACEY does not impose any curfew on its houses, but we count on our members to respect the neighborhood.