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STACEY is a residential brand and operator that designs, leases, and manages multifamily properties to appeal to today's renters. We deliver exceptional performance to our partners through smart design and tech-enabled operations.
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Leasing your property to STACEY gives you peace of mind and predictable cash flow.

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Cities across the globe are facing unprecedented challenges. By 2030 the world population will increase by 1.2 billion people. 40% of these are expected to live in urban areas. The only way to sustain such growth is for urban planners to focus on more sustainable ways of building cities.

Co-living, by design, is the solution to this challenge. A more efficient use of living surfaces means a higher number of living units in less space, higher efficiency and higher yields on real estate projects.

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Why work with us?

100% reliable income

Never again worry about tenants not paying the rent or your apartments being empty.

Professional maintenance

STACEY cleans and maintains apartments on a weekly basis so your apartment is kept in perfect condition.

Long term contracts

STACEY has up to 10 year contracts for leases so you never again have to find the next tenant.

Multi-property partnership

STACEY can lease and operate multiple properties from single real-estate owner.

No more tenant complaints

STACEY finds and communicates with tenants directly and promptly. Never again deal with tenant complaints.

100% legally compliant

STACEY is an experienced property renter that respects local short-term rental regulation.
Take a look at some of our signature projects:


Winterhude, Hamburg
Open Date
Construction type
Total Co-Living beds
Our biggest Co-Living property

STACEY's Co-Living 3BR units rent for a 38% premium per m2 above comparable 3BR units in the submarket.

St. Pauli

St. Pauli, Hamburg
Open Date
Construction type
Total Co-Living beds
Our coziest Co-Living apartment

One 7BR unit rents for a 48% premium above a traditional lease in the submarket.

What kind of properties are we looking to lease?

We carefully handpick each location. Our main interests lies in entire buildings or properties with more than 20 bedrooms. Our Co-Living spaces are separated into private bedrooms (in various sizes for singles and couples) and community spaces, which feature a kitchen area, lounges, work space and more.
Apartment size: 20 bedrooms - entire buildings
Location: central
Bathrooms: min. 1 per 4 bedrooms

Who are our members?

Our tenants are highly educated professionals with high income. Their average age is 28 years and they come from all parts of the world. We care deeply about the community, mutual respect and hygiene standards. That's why all potential tenants have to pass our evaluation process in order to be accepted into STACEY.