The future of living is now

Our vision roots in our believes and values to create the most joyful living experience for our members. Spreading the new way of shared living across the globe.
« We looked at the currently available housing solutions and came to a clear conclusion — it is time for a change. »
Matteo Kreidler - Founder



STACEY is all about creating communities within beautifully designed living spaces. We believe that the ultimate Co-Living experience is centered around its members. It is all about bringing people from different nationalities, cultures and ways of life together in one global community.

The new

living experience

It is our desire to provide our members with the best living experience possible. That is why we try to improve our communities, apartments and services by adapting to the needs of our members.
That is why we follow an all-inclusive approach which includes everything from cleaning & basic supplies to our exclusive monthly member events, in which it is all about getting to know each other.

One big


Our members are the center of the STACEY Co-Living experience. That is why we try to foster the interaction of our members through regular dinners, parties and member events.
We are one big community and we mean it. At STACEY you move-in because of the apartment, but stay for the community!

Fighting the

housing shortage

Our goal ist to make living more affordable again by increasing the amount of Co-Living apartments and spreading the concept across the continent. We put our best effort to increase the value for our members by designing efficient  layouts of the common spaces and private suites.
We are still at the beginning of our journey, but we will do everything to change the housing market for good!