Modern CO-Living Suites for rent

STACEY Mühlenkamp

Dorotheenstraße 3-5
Private Suites from 645€ per month (all-inclusive)

Living in the heart of Hamburg

STACEY Mühlenkamp

Our newest community opens it doors at  Hamburg-Mühlenkamp. Register for a spot in Hamburgs most trendy neighborhood between the Alster and Downtown.
What can you expect? Restaurants, bars and small cafes near by your new home. From now it is your decision whether to spend a warm summer day at the Alster or meet with your roommates in our community spaces for a cold beer after work.

One apartment

more than you need

Our Mühlenkamp location is a mix of private and collective spaces to provide you with an untouchable Co-Living experience

Collective Space

Enjoy your free time in the apartments collective spaces. Be it a nice dinner with a glass of wine in the  dining room or a Netflix movie in the spacious living-room. Moreover the adjacent balconies provide you with the chance to invite friends for a BBQ on a sunny day.

Private Suites

Every private suite comes fully furnished with all of the essentials - queen-sized bed, closet, desk, nightstand, and lamp. All suites have abundant natural light and ancient typical walls. STACEY provides you with the needed degree of privacy within a Co-Living community.

Unsere privaten Suiten



ab 645€ im Monat
If you love Marie Kondo’s minimalist style and would like to give it a try in a space slightly larger than our mighty room, then this room is all you need to free yourself from the things that do not spark joy.
Doppelbett, Nachttisch, Kleiderschrank mit Schubladen & Kleiderbügeln, Kunstwerk, Bettwäsche
Size: 8 m2
Für Einzelpersonen


ab 745€ im Monat
Mighty people need a mighty room with extra space for thoughts, creativity and for the dust to settle… Don't worry, we will take care of the cleaning.
Doppelbett, Nachttisch, Schreibtisch mit Stuhl, Sessel, Bodenlampe, Kleiderschrank mit Schubladen & Kleiderbügeln, Kunstwerk, Bettwäsche
Size: 13 m2
Für Einzelpersonen


ab 945€ im Monat
When has the word “jumbo” ever indicated anything average? Wake up in a world all your own and fill it with all that matters to you. Screw the minimalism and let your maximalist self out of its cage.
Queensize Bett, Nachttisch, Schreibtisch mit Stuhl, Sessel, Bodenlampe, Begehbarer Kleiderschrank mit Schubladen & Kleiderbügeln, Spiegel, Kunstwerk, Bettwäsche
Size: 25 m2
Für Einzelpersonen & Paare

Co-Living at Mühlenkamp

The Community is located in one of the most popular neighborhoods in Hamburg

Where to find us?

Our first location is only a few minutes away from central Hamburg.


Let's move in together